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Looking for companions

A DaVinci type artist, with portrait skills, and also a keen interest in technical drawing, and architectonic & functional works of art, after a major and lifelong career in Art for Commerce. Potential partners around my age should understand the "dynamic" is different for us, owing to the simple biologic fact that most women have kissed romance goodby a decade or so ago. Not all , though, they tell me. It's why you find so many men hoping to find somone not past menopause...for men don't lose libido for, seemingly ever. Problem is "polite" "good" girls don't even discuss such things. Welllll we wish they would be at least realistic. We can at least be friends this way, and avoid pretending to be something we are not. That wouldn't be very "christian" would it? to pretend? Above all we should be real...truthful. You'll find me very real and truthful.
On all these sites, it is human nature to put on our best "face" ..after all it's what we find at church, don't we? I've been a member of all kinds of churches, and they are all the same, regarding, "you do NOT get personal" keep everyone at arm's hanging out at one another's homes or 'going out" and being under "real" circumstances. Surely you have noticed that?..the maintaining of a good front is of "utmost importance", both at church and on these sites. Therefore....virtually all the ( female ) members are extremely reticent..some don't even have a paragraph. The others choose from a 'list' and in so doing...every member sounds pretty much the same. This all adds up to the process of meeting someone a "game" it not?..not surprisingly, almost every female member says "no games". Welllll.... to avoid that, we can start by being candid, frank, revealing more about ourselves so as not to play games, and waste in months ! before you REALLY know and trust someone. Those of us over 50 have had these experiences...not discovering the serious character flaws until it's almost too late, and sometimes IS too late, as in being fooled long enough to get married. How many of you have expereinced that sad state of affairs? I certainly have..and from "christian" women too!..witholding critically important character flaws or health problems, financial problems, such was the throes of menopausl ill tmeper you would not believe if I told you..and a long list of pharmaceutical addictions..phew!..are you starting to understand what I am getting at here? I will NOT meet any woman who has only a carefully phrased paragraph or two...I have met platonic friends, and we have LONG and phone. The friendship / REAL. This is what we are all looking more "pretending to be Ms perfect"..and a note of caution to the do NOT hae to give guys the brusque brush off..we can take a hint, please try to be kind , even if you totally reject the poor guy. I am always kind to the women I would not care to meet...and try to find something kind and encouraging to say to them...this is Christian Coutnenance.

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EthnicityCaucasian / White
National heritageScottish
BuildAthletic / toned
Height5' 11" (180 cm)
Eye ColorHazel
Hair ColorLight brown
Hair LengthShort
Facial HairGoatee
Body ArtNone
My AttractivenessAverage

Education & Employment

EducationCollege Associates
SpecialtyArt / Music / Literature
Employment StatusRetired

Looking For

Must maveIntelligence, Good Looks, Humor, Great skills, Empathy, Sensitivity, Boldness, Oddities, Spontaneity, Flirtatiousness, Wit, Thoughtfulness, Passiveness
Look for in a partnerA woman who is a kind, considerate, patient, adventurous, intelligent, talented in music, literature, art.
I realize I am pretty rough on "conservatives", who I have found to, for instance , agree with Gov Christy who recently stated that he voted against raising the minimum wage because it was too much too soon"....The sad thing is the part time min. wage jobs are what a lot of middle class folks are trying to eke by one. It is not "too much too soon", it is 20 years too late!! home was $18K in 1971. My '71 Chevy truck was $2900 brand new...well people, surely you know that we are living with a cost of living ten times that!..hence, if the min wage was $1.75 in should be AT LEAST $17.50. Conservatives will fight this with every ounce of energy they have...why?..are they cruel, selfish, wealthy enough to not have to work for a min. wage? ..are they mostly white people over a certain age...just one sweep of your eye across the Republican Party conventions should reveal that to you. All old white people. Conservatives are not nice people! Stingy , and mean might be a good term to use. It seems they work to keep minorities oppressed...all the way from the Civil rights days of Boss Hog firehosing and beating "negro protesters" rounding up illegal aliens, latinos...and THIS was their campaign rhetoric this past election..and lost in a humiliating defeat...not realizing that not a single person with a latino name would vote for them! Duh!...Many middle of the road, and liberal leaning Chritians are appalled at how the church seems dominated by did this happen, why does clergy allow this to go on?..are their sermons totally ineffective? would seem so to those of us who feel we are a minority in church.
This has to be said...although as Christians we should all be on the same page, this politization of the church is not from God.
Yes, I realize this offends. I remind you I have been a theologian for 50 years. I have also leaned to liberal. this revealed to me over the decades, that every church I belonged to ( oer a dozen ) all were dominated by conservatives. It is THIS very thing that causes liberals to feel unwelcome, and worse, to reject salvation..not wishing to"turn into a conservative"...and I am talking about 30 to 40 friends I have known for that same amoutn of time...virtually all of them liberal, and virtually all of them either agnostic or even atheist!

Yes I am offending peopel..but so did the prophets. So badly did they offend, they were all kille..remember! Prophets sting with criticsm...I am not a prophet..but I assure you I have read all of them over and over again. thus I do act like them. If you read the prophets, you too should be, ought to be chilled to the bone...God detests smarmy preachers, wishing to hold on to their good jobs...never say anything offensive or divisive or critical of the congregation. He calls them false shepherds. He says, "The people in the city will die in their sins...but I will hold the 'watchmen' with their deaths" !!
I say this to save a conservative woman from embarrasing herself. They mean well, but it is nothing but "going along with the majority"/ When in fact God compels us to not go along with the stating plainly and clearly, and succinctly in IICor 6 : "Come out from among them; be a separate person; and I will take you in"...think about He advising us to go along with the crowd? The crowd is going to perdition.."narrow is the gate and narrow the way, and few there be that find it" ( Jesus )...that doesn't sound like a crowd to me! Do you just HAVE to have the latest "tablet/mobile device?..All the cable channels? a car no older than 8 years? in the right neighborhood, hang otu with the right other words, seek the seat of worldly honor ? don't even know any minorities? None live next door?

I am looking for a unique individual..a person who thinks for herself..and really is knowledgable of the Bible, and not just the commonplace, pedestrian things. This woman is very likely to know for a fact that the Earth was formed and filled with life in 6 days..about 6 or 7,000 years ago!
On the first dateA light lunch, but only after considerable conversation online, phone, etc. One female member said something interesting in her bio "Expect to be disappointed"..which is refreshingly frank. And many say "friends only", and that's honest ...and most realistic too. We're not in junior high any more. they also evry one, say "no baggage"///hold on here. How many marriages has this woman failed at?..Oh please it's not all the man's fault, and you know it. In school...we had no baggage...after 30 -40 years and failed marriages...we all have baggage, ladies.
The trick is this...if someone who "did you wrong" still causes you to "feel bad or angry" have NOT forgiven him?..that's baggage. You will also not see the Kingdom of Heaven..for Jesus is plain on this.

Many if not most women over 55 have lost their libido. It's only honesty to say so, and not pretend. If we expect to be disappointed...well then if it turns out we are not so disappointed..well, what a thrilling exhulation that would be, huh! But in the meantime, let us be realistic. At our age, this is not the time to put on airs, or pretend.

One last thing...when a fellow contacts you to say hello, pay a compliment to you..he is NOT applying for the job of lover or husband...he is JUST saying hello! We weren't born yesterday...we've been married to some really mean and destructive will be along time before we would actually meet that woman we just said hello to..and maybe had a four word reply to our compliment.....her bio also profoundly obfuscated with pleasantries...which reveal...nothing!

I have to underscore this point, for I had to quit 'senior singles' seemed almost all of them would receive your kind compliment and cheery hello..go read over your bio..and like a school marm with her red pencil...mark your "resume" with red marks, and give you a failing grade!...That is appalling behavior.
Do yourself a favor, kind. Grateful for the compliment...return a compliment..don't worry he is not going to "glomm on to you-so you can never get rid of him"..
We, I, pay a woman a compliment for being refreshingly honest, frank, about her health, her situation, "i'm lonely" ( that's honest )...and it may well be that I don't really want to meet them exactly...because I looked at what movies they watch..and some of them watch murder thrillers, Steven King type movies, see? I worry about a person who dwells her mind on evil...and yet thinks of herself as Christian. Christians become sensitive to gives us nausea, and chills..we detest it, just as God does...we do not find it amusing or any kind of entertainment.
I wish the women on these sites were as candid as I am being. They deliberately hide behind vague descriptions and niceties...and a photo of themselves deliberately out of focus, or the face about 2% of the photo. Come on ladies. You can do better than that. Look at me..I'm no prize.